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Industrial Revolution Technology

AP Themes
Mass Production: Pottery
Mechanization: The Cotton Industry
The Iron Industry
The Steam Engine
Communication Over Wires
AP Themes

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1.) Change and Continuity- Societies changed from ones using almost no machines, and depending on humans to do almost all work to machines replacing human work.

2.) Patterns and Effects of Interaction- Even though inventions were made in one country, the idea or machine itself spread throughout the whole world.

3.) Effects of Technology- The inventing of machines to do human work made jobs occur faster, cost less, and be more efficient.

4.) Social and Gender Structure- People of the lower class generally worked in poor working conditions in the factories. Women now began to work in factories more like men.

5.) Interactions Among Societies- The inventions of the steam engine and the new way of communication over wires made it possible to communicate quicker. They could travel faster to trade and send messages easier when needed.

6.) Changes in Attitudes Towards States- Some government supported the industrialization of a country, but many did not want others to so they would be more powerful than them.

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Have fun learning about the Industrial Revolution!