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Industrial Revolution Technology

Communication Over Wires
Mass Production: Pottery
Mechanization: The Cotton Industry
The Iron Industry
The Steam Engine
Communication Over Wires
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What would we do without it?



China was influenced by the new form of communication over wires. This is because eventually they were able to communicate with the whole world, so it was easier to send someone a message.There was no need to go to the place you needed to talk to.

United States

The United States took advantage of the use of communication over wires. One example is how they built a communication link between Baltimore and Washington. This then led to worldwide communication and the use of morse code.


Europe was impacted by communication over wires very similarly to everyone else. They now had the luxury of communicating with someone without actually going to the place that they were at.

Economic Impact

The economy grew as a result of people being able to communicate over wires. One reason is because it was much faster now to present messages to people that were far away. Also, it was a lot easier. Inventions like morse code made this possible, and this led to an even more stable economy.


Negative Effects

There were few negative effects of the new way to communicate over wires. One though, was that some of the messages could be intercepted by others.

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