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Industrial Revolution Technology

The Steam Engine

Mass Production: Pottery
Mechanization: The Cotton Industry
The Iron Industry
The Steam Engine
Communication Over Wires
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No Steam Engine=No Steamboat=No Steamboat Willie=No Mickey :(



China was greatly impacted by the invention of the steam engine. This is because while several various countries, including many European ones had discovered it, China had not. This made them that much more inferior to those countries because they were able to do certain tasks quicker and more efficiently than China.

United States

The United States was very positively influenced by the invention of the steam engine.The steam engine eventually led to the building of boats used on rivers that used the engine. Those made transportation of goods throughout the country and in trade much quicker and easier.


Europe was effected by the steam engine as well. One reason is that it made faster transportation, This helped trade greatly because it provided a quicker way to transport goods. Also, the steam engine led to the building of the Liverpool-Manchester Railway.

Economic Impact

The economy benefited greatly from the invention of the steam engine. One way is because since the engine led to a faster source of transportation, quicker trade was possible. This let more trade occur in less time. In general, the more efficient ways of transportation and production helped societies make money, therefore benefiting the economy.


Negative Impact

Although the steam engine helped people in many ways, it wasn't flawless. One thing that was not good was that the smoke let out into the air caused smog. This was very unhealthy and sometimes gave people diseases.

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