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Industrial Revolution Technology

Mechanization: The Cotton Industry

Mass Production: Pottery
Mechanization: The Cotton Industry
The Iron Industry
The Steam Engine
Communication Over Wires
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Cheers to you Eli Whitney and Richard Arkwright!


China was greatly impacted by the cotton industry's growing importance and popularity. As you probably already know, silk was one of China's most valued export, and when cotton became popular this changed. Since cotton was warm, comfortable, and cheap, the silk industry did not do so well. In other words, silk lost it's value.

United States

The United States during this time could now afford cotton much more easily because it was so much cheaper. It was considered one of the most valuable crops at the time.The cotton gin made this possible because it made it easier to make cotton into the condition it is needed to be in to sell.


Europe was also influenced by the cotton/textile industry.One reason is because of the inventions that helped them accomplish tasks easier. An example of a couple inventions are the spinning jenny and the mule. Both of these inventions greatly decreased the amount of man-power needed to do certain tasks, like spinning threads or yarn.

Economic Impact

The economy grew as a result of the cotton industry during this time period. It improved because, since the machines made the cotton cheaply and quickly, it was more affordable to normal people to buy. Since three was fewer impurities in it, it was more comfortable than other materials so people wanted to buy it.

Negative Effects

Now machines were used to do tasks in the factories. Similarly to the mass production of pottery, the working conditions in the factories were anything but great. It was dirty and unsafe, so disease spread and there were many injuries resulting from this.


This is a picture of the spinning jenny.


This is the man who invented the water frame, Richard Arkwright.

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