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Industrial Revolution Technology

Mass Production: Pottery

Mass Production: Pottery
Mechanization: The Cotton Industry
The Iron Industry
The Steam Engine
Communication Over Wires
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Cheers to you, Josiah Wedgewood!

     The pottery industry effected China very greatly. Now that the mass production of pottery in Europe has become, there was competition between them and China.

The United States of America
     The United States was also effected greatly by the mass production of pottery. Now that pottery is made quicker, easier, and cheaper, the USA can afford it more. In other words, they had cheaper access to it. In the long run, this type of mass production even led to the production of cars.

     Additionally, Europe was effected greatly by the mass production of pottery. For example, Josiah Wedgewood used steam engines in order to mass produce his pottery. He made it very quickly, easily, and cheaply. A reason why the pottery was cheaper was because they didn't have to buy as many materials from China. As a result much money was made.

Economic Impact
     The mass production of pottery helped the economy in all China, the United States of America, and the countries in Europe. Many people made money because they could make the pottery quickly and cheaply. Also, the cheap mass production of pottery made it more affordable for the average person to purchase.

Negative Impacts

Although many great things came as a result of mass production and pottery, like making things faster and cheaper, there were also some things that were not so good. One was the working conditions in which people had to live in while working in the factories. The places they worked at were unsanitary, they weren't paid much, and they weren't fed much. This resulted in disease and other illnesses.


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